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Welcome to The Party Wagon! My name is Lydia , and I will be your hostess on this adventure through adorable children's parties. Get ready for all sorts of goodies, tips, tricks and hints on all things pertaining to entertaining your little ones and their friends!



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About Me


Hi!  My name is Lydia~ Welcome to The Party Wagon!

I began this website as a hobby- a place to share ideas for parties and everyday life with children.  I thought my mom and my sister might read it, and maybe a couple of my party-loving friends...I had no idea that so many of you would tune in and join in the fun of sharing ideas!  Thank you for being a part of The Party Wagon!

I style parties giving each one a unique look.  I love the process of creating a celebration with many small details that add up to become a fabulous party!  I believe strongly in each party being a reflection of the person being celebrated, and that the best parts of the party are the guests and honoree- I love to give them a memorable experience and show them how glad I am they took the time to celebrate with us!  

I have worked with children my whole "working" life- I have been a nanny, a teacher, a tutor, and now I am a mom.  I am crazy about my family and about spending as much time as I can enjoying every minute of them. I also LOVE celebrating them!  I think that one of the most special times in life is being able to celebrate a child- no matter how you choose to celebrate.  Big parties, small parties, family-only or everyone-you-know kind of parties are all wonderful.  Celebrations are individual and should be how YOU feel they best fit your family.  There is no wrong or right way to celebrate.  Children just love to have a special day- we all do!  So make it special in any way you want!

My goal is to provide inspiration for celebrating everyday life as well as those super-special, once-a-year shindigs that bring out the party in all of us.  Celebrate your way, and I hope you find an idea or two that you can use along the way!

Hop on the wagon and join the party! 

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that I would love to answer for you...

1.  Do you bake/sell cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, pies, fondant toppers, etc.?  I love to bake, but I do not sell any food products.  If you see desserts that you like, please see the vendor credits at the end of the party post for a link to the bakery that so perfectly made them.  I only wish I could make them look as perfectly wonderful as my talented baker friends!

2.  Do you sell printables or any type of party stationery?  Can you design my invitations, banners, etc.?  Again, I rely on friends with great talent at graphic design to do party stationery.  I do not sell any party paper collections, and I am not a graphic designer.  If you see a collection that you love, please refer to the vendor credit section at the bottom of the party post. 

3.  Can you send me an entire party package to go with my chosen theme?  How much do you charge for Party Plans/ Custom Parties?   I create Party Plans with suggested ideas and vendors that suit your theme.  I also plan a limited number of custom parties.  Please refer to Party Packages for more information on pricing.



P.S.  You can also find more "About Me" in this post...