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Lemon AID Stand

There is nothing cuter than a lemonade stand with eager children happily offering their homemade treats.  My favorite summer vacation spot has lemonade stands dotting the bike paths as you make your way to the beach- I am certain I never passed one without stopping.  I think they are adorable!  That is why I am so happy to share this sweet playdate party with you...a lemonade stand with a special TWIST...all proceeds go to help other children!

Creative mom, Deanna, helped her children set up this bright and cheery lemonade stand in conjunction with a fundraiser hosted by their local television station and The Salvation Army.  The children invited their friends over and enjoyed a hot, fun-filled, philanthropic playdate!  What a great idea!

They sold lemon raspberry muffins, lemon sugar cookies, and yummy Rice Krispie Treats to go along with the lemonade~

I love the apron that Deanna made for her daughter (using napkins saved from the 4th of July!)...

What a fabulous idea for a playdate and a wonderful lesson on giving.  I know the children were so proud when they realized they had raised $71.55 to help homeless children in their area!

Thank you, Deanna, for sharing your children's sweet party~ it is great party inspiration!

You can read more about this party and find details on Lemon AID Days by clicking on the link below...

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Reader Comments (2)

I LOVE this idea - and I really adore the burlap wrapped canister - what a great way for kids to give back!
Thank you for sharing! I agree that it is a wonderful idea and great lesson on giving back. Way to go... making on $71.55!! Great job to all! Love the apron, great way to re-purpose the saved napkins from the 4th of July!

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