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Welcome to The Party Wagon! My name is Lydia , and I will be your hostess on this adventure through adorable children's parties. Get ready for all sorts of goodies, tips, tricks and hints on all things pertaining to entertaining your little ones and their friends!



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Celebrate the end of school or the beginning of summer with this easy and FUN idea!  Make a L-O-N-G banana split for everyone to enjoy and watch the excitement grow as the anticipation of eating "the world's longest banana split" (okay, not really) begins to sink in!

The trick is to create an illusion of one long dessert, but serve up the special treats in individual serving containers (I used paper baking loaf pans).  This party is affordable and easy enough to create anytime~ here are some of my tips...

*Decorate the table with affordable products (found at Target) by layering- with the key being to mix colors and patterns.  Make it bright and cheery!
*Use printables to economically customize the party!  These fabulous printables are from Anders Ruff!
*Be creative with seating!  I used buckets topped with fabric.
*Buy printable favor boxes and make as many as you need- use again any time you like!  I used boxes from Piggy Bank Parties!
*Display toppings in a fun and different way using mini ice cream cones and recycled glass bottles!
*Let the guests build their own banana split according to what they like!

I loved the plates that I found at Target~ and Anders Ruff designed the party signs, banner, labels, and name toppers to match the plates.  I mixed lots of patterns- stripes, big dots, little dots, solids and gingham to create a look that is full of casual fun!

Help your guests know which banana split is their own by adding party picks with each name!

I had ice cream pre-scooped and ready to go in each of the loaf pans.  Put them out in a long line down the center of the table and then offer toppings served in mini ice cream cones!  The kids love the cones and they offer the perfect serving sizes- much better than spoonful after spoonful of sprinkles!

I kept the topping choices to a minimum- sprinkles, Gummies, M&M's, and Oreos~

I also had three choices of syrups...caramel, chocolate fudge, and strawberry!  Breyers Ice Cream Toppings was so kind to gift us with their newest ice cream topping products- no high fructose corn syrup!  I poured the syrups into pretty little bottles and added a label from Anders Ruff for a cute and easy way to dress it all up!

Breyers Ice Cream Toppings provided us with sprinkles, too- no high fructose corn syrup in these either!  I have to show you the adorable packaging that they shipped it in...what a great presentation!

Heatable and squeezable syrups~ very convenient!  THANK YOU, BREYERS!  The toppings (and ice cream) were delicious!  No one missed that high fructose syrup one bit!!


And, of course, we had a cherry on top!

I also kept the decorations simple, bright, and cheery!  I hung a chandelier of honeycomb balls over the center of the table and also placed them under the table for a little more color!

If you have a large crowd and not enough chairs for everyone, make a quick and easy seat using five-gallon buckets from the hardware store.  Add a fabric square, and you have an instant and affordable stool for each child!  And, the kids love the novelty of it!  Super casual for summer~

An easy banner that reads, "SUMMER"- I simply printed the letters and attached them to a felt banner that I already had.  I draped it over ruffled fabric on a small tri-fold screen.  Letters are from Anders Ruff.

Banana-shaped favor boxes are perfect for a Banana Split Party!  I purchased the file from Piggy Bank Parties and then I could print as many as I needed!  Fill the box with small party favors and top with a matching favor tag from Anders Ruff!

I have to say, these kiddos were definitely "bananas" for this party idea!  They couldn't wait to dig in to this super long banana split!

Each was very happy to have his or her own treat to top as he/she liked!  Names were a good thing to have on each banana boat!  I love this picture of them all at work!

This was serious business...

I think this was the first banana split that each of the children had ever had!

And, he would have been happy to drink the chocolate syrup straight from the bottle!  No, we didn't really let him!

Remember, one of the most fun aspects of the party- and one that makes it more memorable- is creating a really, really long banana split smack down the middle of the table!  It doubles as the centerpiece and the treat!  Use picnic tables pushed together or use a long board of wood (that is what I placed down the center of the table to raise it up a little and make it more of a focal point)...

You can also place it on the ground or set up a long table using sawhorses if you have a really large crowd.  You can also adapt this for a classroom- I used to do this with my classes on the day before Spring Break.  We were going to "Split for Spring Break".  You could host a party as you "Split for Summer Time".  I would give a clue each day as to what the big surprise would be on Friday, and my students had to try to figure out what we were going to do.  The clues were...

1.  I scream you scream, we all scream for summer time!

2.  We are ready for a l-o-n-g, fun summer!

3.  We're going bananas for summer time!

4.  We're going to split for summer break!

5.  On Friday, they turned in their guesses, we read them, and then we celebrated at the end of the day with these long banana splits!  At that time, I used a gutter pipe cut lengthwise (an idea from  Family Fun magazine around the year 1996) and covered it in foil for the many kids that were going to participate.  I, personally, like individual containers grouped together best.  Anyway you set it up, it is so much fun!!



Party Concept and Styling- Lydia at The Party Wagon

Party Printables- tags, labels, banner, etc- Anders Ruff Designs

Sprinkles and Syrups for Toppings- Breyers Ice Cream Toppings

Banana Favor Boxes- Piggy Bank Parties

Yellow Dot Paper Loaf Pans (Banana Boats)- Kara's Party Ideas

Photography- ZoomWorks

Paper Plates, Napkins, Tablecloth (white with red polka dots)- Target

This party was contributed to the premier issue of Everyday Baby + Child Magazine


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Now this looks like a fun party for boys and girls. well, and parents.
May 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJeanKnee
Party is the best way of fun and entertainment for all children. I also love many parties and banana split party is also very interesting for me. I had celebrated this party many times with my son and other family members.
May 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChildrens party
Such a fun party, Lydia! So fun to see the Banana Favor Boxes in action! ♥

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