Wait until you see how Kristy, of The Purple Pug, brought to life this wonderful children’s book, A Color of His Own!  Leo Lionni is one of my favorite children’s authors and his books get read over and over again by my children.  I am thrilled to share with you Kristy’s whimsical and creative ideas that would be great for a birthday party, classroom party, book club, or playdate!  And, she designed it all for under $100!

Kristy made great use of pipe cleaners throughout the design.  She is also known for her glittery creations, and this invitation is a perfect example of one of her glitter masterpieces…

I especially love the simplicity of the chameleon banner- and those cute little chenille critters!

Kristy took part in a challenge to design this party idea to be “green” and economical.  She used potato sack chair covers to keep the feel earthy and used Kraft Paper as the table runner- complete with colored pencils to keep the guests entertained!

The coasters are paint chips from the paint section of Wal-Mart!  A perfectly inexpensive way to tie in the colors!

Each place setting had a coordinated chenille chameleon and the guest’s first initial!  The forks were even wrapped to match the color!

The serving table was so cute with party hats and treat boxes decorated with a chameleon drawn by her children and glitterized by Kristy.  Beanie Baby chameleons were the party favors.

The party horns were chameleons cut from foam and made to look as though a chameleon’s tongue was sticking out when the horn was blown!  I know the kids loved those!

Store-bought cupcakes were dressed up with fondant toppers~

And marshmallow pops with a tiny chameleon on them…

The decorated canvas totes are a perfect activity- make it a color of your own!

Can you tell I love this book and this party?

I am so glad Kristy saved a spot for me at the table!  Love the cursive “L”!

Thank you for sharing your great ideas, Kristy! 

Fondant Cupcake Toppers: ToniAnn {Brooklyn Treat Shoppe}
Marshmallow Pops: Elizabeth {Stix N Pops}

Be sure to stop by The Purple Pug for adorable party accessories handmade by Kristy!  You will love it!  Here’s a little peek at what you will find…


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