I am so excited to bring you a week’s worth of fantastic ideas for Halloween entertaining!  Each day of this week I will feature some of my favorite ideas- I hope you will find lots of fun and inspiration from all of these fabulous parties!  I am kicking it off with a Candy Corn themed party by Norene, of Party Pinching!  Norene designs fantastic party ideas on a budget- candy corn fits the bill!

Take a close look at the adorable mice Norene made from Styrofoam cones~

Nestled on a plate of candy corn, the mice are so cute and creative!  I love the other decorations that Party Pinching made.  The black trees in the backdrop are such a clever nod to Halloween, and the tree in the center just pops!  The white tissue fans were painted to resemble candy corn, of course!

I especially love how Party Pinching added orange ribbon with white polka dots for a perfect contrast~

Cupcakes were made with crushed candy corn mixed into the batter- yum!

White chocolate covered Oreos were made to fit with the theme by adding fondant candy corn flowers~

Notice how Party Pinching takes something as simple as Jello and turns it into a pretty little dessert!  I think the trend of serving treats in Asian spoons is such a great way to add interest to your table!

 I am so excited that Norene has put together an eBook to tell you how to do the many crafts that she has created on a budget!  You can purchase online and have it emailed to you- it even includes FREE cupcake toppers to download and print as many as you need (in lots of designs)!

Be sure to take a peek at Party Pinching’s eBook– she includes how to make the adorable candy corn mice!   Also visit her website, and FB Page for even more party inspiration!

Thank you, Party Pinching,  for helping us see so much potential in a bag of candy corn!!


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