Last year, my son wanted to invite a few friends from his new class over to have a Halloween party.  With a few really easy ideas, we had a small lunch “party” and the boys enjoyed the fun!  The dipped marshmallows with sprinkles were their favorite~

My mom sent my children Halloween care packages in the mail and so we used the fun things that she sent and decorated for the party.  We had lots and lots of foam stickers- and so they became sandwich toppers and the children put them on their shirts and wore them.  Talk about easy!

The mummy drinks (I originally saw these at One Charming Party) were a big hit- my children made the eyes and helped wrap them the day before.  These are always a fun addition to Halloween!

Each child had a mask to wear and decorated a treat bag.  After lunch, they played “Where’s the Witch?” which is a game that they loved and played over and over.  One child hides the stuffed/plush witch and then the others have to go and find it.  The person that finds it becomes the next person to hide it and play continues… they also got to choose a little Halloween prize from the cauldron.  

Such an easy way to get into the Halloween spirit!


Boo bucket by Pottery Barn


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