As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I wanted to share some fantastic ideas with you from Katherine Marie Photography.  Take a look at these cute little gobblers- I think they would be adorable on the Thanksgiving table!  These are made using simple craft supplies including clothes pins covered with ribbon or paper.  I always love a darling little traced turkey hand!

How cute is this Turkey Coin Bank?  It is a great way to recycle a spice container and make a useful craft!  I LOVE IT!

Games like Turkey Bingo add a little fun and learning to the holiday…just be sure that the turkey feather colors aren’t all the same on each board!

This Turkey Roll game is my favorite!  Roll the dice, add, and look at the key to see what color M&M to add to make the feathers!  Use leftover Halloween candy for the feathers, and adapt math skills to make age-appropriate…

Peanut butter play dough is always fun (for those without allergies, of course!)- dressing up the dough balls like turkeys is sure to be a hit!  Gobble Gobble!

Edible Play-dough Turkeys  Fancy tooth pics+ Feathers + Preschool Peanut Butter Balls (Mix and chill 1 cup PB +  1 cup honey + 2 cups dry powdered milk)

The Turkey Farm is also a great way to combine math and crafts for the holiday.  Notice the Turkey Trivia- what a fun way to broaden your children’s knowledge!  The cupcakes are also an easy, fun, and kid-friendly way to celebrate being thankful!

Be sure to stop by and see all of the creative, wonderful ideas and the beautiful photography at Katherine Marie Photography!  Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas with us!


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