Having a few, simple, “go-to” recipes at Thanksgiving is always nice!  Here are three of my favorites that are geared toward the little ones seated around the table.  They are also easy for a classroom!

I used to make this one with my class each year.  I would always let them taste small pieces of the fresh cranberries before we added anything to them- their puckered faces were so funny!  I told them they were sour!  Now, I make them with my children and they do the same thing- they love to be very dramatic about the sour little berry!  You only need 3 ingredients…


12 oz. fresh cranberries

2-3 oranges (peeled and seeded)

1/2 cup sugar (add more as needed)

Chop berries and orange pulp in food processor until desired consistency.

Pour into bowl and add sugar.  Stir well.  Enjoy!

Another of my favorite recipes for kids at Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving Blessing Mix by OrganizedChristmas.com  This makes a great classroom activity and looks cute baggged as a gift with a tag telling what the foods represent…

Bugles- cornucopia/horn of plenty- a symbol of abundance
Pumpkin Seeds (pepitas)- symbol of future harvests
Dried fruits- cranberries and raisins- harvest gifts enjoyed from the land
Candy Corn- symbol of settlers’ survival on just a few kernels of corn each day when food was scarce
M&M’s- memories of those before us
Pretzels- symbol of arms folded in prayer- which was a freedom sought by the founders of our country
Hershey’s Kiss- one per person- symbol of love and sweetness of family and friends

This last recipe is one that I made with my children and they loved it so much that I wanted to share…

The ingredients are simple-

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies

Jumbo Marshmallows (cut horizontally with kitchen scissors to make turkey feathers)

Melting Chocolates, Sprinkles, Butterscotch Chips, Orange Edible Ink Pen for feet

To make the Turkey Cookies-

Melt 3/4 cup melting chocolates and dip marshmallow “feathers” in melted chocolate.

Attach to back of Milano cookie right away.  Shake on sprinkles. Place on wax paper to dry.

Add butterscotch chips for eyes using a dab of icing.  Draw beak by dipping toothpick in melted chocolate and using toothpick as a pencil.  Draw feet with orange edible writing pen.

So easy!  Enjoy!

 Gobble, Gobble!


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