What little girl hasn’t loved playing paper dolls?  Imagine that your mom is a fabulous baker and just happens to be able to whip up doll cookies complete with fondant dress up clothes so that you and your friends can now play with “paper” dolls and enjoy the yumminess of a cookie!  Enjoy the beautiful work of Linda, of Bubble and Sweet, and see this adorable party she hosted for her daughter’s 5th birthday!

Nestled among the beautiful table are the cookies made to look like the birthday girl and the fondant clothing that the guests could choose to decorate their cookie doll.

The girls in action~

While they “worked”, the guest had several other treats to enjoy!  Pink with white polka dots led the way to make for so many gorgeous goodies!

I love the glasses of milk- really beautiful!  The marshmallows in the milk resemble polka dots…

The cake was made by mom Linda and included ombre icing and a cake bunting made from the artwork used to create the fondant dress-up pieces.  So clever!

With a polka-dot surprise on the inside!

The original artwork used to create the dress up clothes…

Here is the real doll- the birthday girl!

And her sweet guests with some of their cookie “paper dolls”…

Such an original idea for a party!  Thank you, Bubble and Sweet, for sharing this beautiful party!

You can find step-by-step directions on how to make the paper doll cookies and so much more at Bubble and Sweet’s blog

The party sweets were made by Bubble and Sweet  ( https://bubbleandsweet.blogspot.com/ )
Party invitations, thank you cards and dessert labels by Polkadot Prints ( https://www.polkadotprints.com.au/store/pc/home.asp )
Tissue Pom Poms by Ah Tissue ( https://www.ah-tissue.com.au/ )
Cake and bon bon Stands, polka dot straws and strawberry bon bons (princess delights) Sharnel Dollar Designs ( https://www.sharneldollardesigns.com.au/store/pc/home.asp )
Custom Paper Doll drawing by Karen McCubbin ( darkar1(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au)
Party Inspiration photo of Sophie by Naomi V Photography ( https://www.naomivphotography.com.au/ ) for Princess Ratbag ( https://www.princessratbag.com/store/pc/home.asp )
Pink and White polka dot treat boxes from Mon Tresor
Flowers from Perrotts florist Brisbane ( https://www.perrotts.com.au/ )
Most of the party pictures are by Terri Vandermeer

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