Back in October, we celebrated my mom’s birthday and I used battery-operated tea lights to make luminaries for the outdoors.  I decided to make a few little night lights for my children (they love them in the car and in their rooms) and thought I would share them with you.  They are such a hit around my house that we decided to make them as party favors for upcoming Christmas parties.  I thought they would look cute as “toppers” for drinks…

I used ping pong balls for the heads.  My husband drilled a hole in each one for me.  His advice is to use a light touch when you drill…my son loved the drilling part of this idea!  You just slide the ping pong ball over the tea light. 

I tied ribbon around for the scarf to cover the bottom of the tea light.  Add craft eyes and a paper carrot nose.  I hot glued those on and drew a smile with a Sharpie~

I also love them on push pops filled with marshmallows~ this would be cute as part of a cocoa bar or as a party favor.  Use a Glue Dot (found at craft stores) to stick the light onto the push-pop top.  It comes off easily so that the children can keep the light.

So much fun in the dark!  Easy to make and easy for the children to turn on and off.  We love these!

Photography~Shannah Montgomery~ Zoomworks Photography

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