Welcome to The Land of Sweets by a wonderfully talented baker, Alison Lawson of Australia!  Alison designed this sweets table as a celebration of Christmas and of the end of preschool for her son.  Her inspiration came from “The Nutcracker” and her desserts are as every bit as magical as the story itself!

Notice how each treat is labeled with a cookie stating the name of the dessert~ there would be nothing less in The Land of Sweets!

Because the tree was a central point in the story, Alison took great care to put emphasis on it by designing this gorgeous swirled meringue Christmas tree!  How lovely~

I LOVE how simple this display of popcorn and grapes is- and it looks stunning!

Alison made beautiful gingerbread men cookies and “fantasy” gingerbread houses~

It is all so beautiful!  What a wonderful way to bring a classic Christmas story to life in sweets!  Thank you for sharing your work with us, Alison!

You can see more of Alison’s creations at her Facebook page~ Alison Lawson Cakes

Photos by Corrine Dany Photography and Design

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