There is nothing like the bright POP of confetti against a crisp white background…and that is what makes these great party ideas from Renee, of The Creative Orchard, so fun and exciting!  Having a party to share your favorite things is a wonderful idea for grown-ups and children~ a great way to start a new year or for anytime during the year!  Read on for the details and enjoy the party inspiration from the beautiful photos!  I just love the bright, cheery, over-sized confetti!

The idea for this party is that you invite your FAVORITE PEOPLE, serve your FAVORITE FOODS AND DRINKS, and share your FAVORITE ITEM with lucky friends… 

Each guest brings to the party their favorite item (must cost $5.00 or under) for five other people.  So, five small gifts…you can choose one of anything you like such as your FAVORITE lotion, gift card to your FAVORITE store, FAVORITE kitchen utensil, box of your FAVORITE candy, FAVORITE magazine, etc. In addition to the gifts, you could also ask everyone to share their FAVORITE FOOD or DRINK.

As the guests arrive, each puts his/her name in a bowl.  When everyone has arrived, pass the bowl around so that each guest can draw five different names (be sure not to pick your own). One at a time each person introduces their FAVORITE THING and then reads out loud the five names they picked from the bowl while giving their FAVORITE THING to those five guests.

After everyone at the party has presented their FAVORITE THING, each individual should end up with 5 gifts. As a courtesy, the host should provide a gift box or bag for them to conveniently take their gifts home. The most interesting part of the party is seeing what other people have chosen to share as their FAVORITE THING! Who knows, maybe someone else’s FAVORITE THING may end up being your NEW FAVORITE THING?


This “Celebrate Favorite Things” PARTY FEATURE can also be seen online inside “HomeMade for the Holidays” 2011 Idea Guide! Click Here.

So, get your friends together and share the little things that make you happy!  It is always fun to find something new to enjoy!  Thank you to Renee for sharing this great party idea!  You can find more party fun from Renee at The Creative Orchard blog.  Also, see all of the wonderful party collections like this one available in Renee’s  Etsy Shop**!

**Please note that Renee has just welcomed a precious new baby to their family and is currently on maternity leave.  The Creative Orchard Shop on Etsy will reopen mid-January, and these and other collections will be available for purchase at that time.  CONGRATULATIONS, RENEE!!   


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