This party was for a 3rd birthday and was full of lollipops!  Every color and size made it to the party, and it was quite a happy place to be for the birthday girl and her sweet guests! The invitation was a lollipop shape wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.  It read…Goody, Goody, Gumdrops!  Birthday Cake and Lollipops!  The party details were listed and the reply said “…please reply lickity-split…”

The party guests were greeted at the front door by three giant lollipops in buckets filled with gumdrops…and a few funny ants that found their way to the sugar!

As the guests arrived, they each had a lollipop waiting for them that was made from homemade play dough.  This helped keep them happily busy as they made new creations out of their lollipop dough.

The play dough lollipops were placed in cellophane and tied with a ribbon to keep them from drying before the party.

There were lollipops everywhere…

And lots of happy faces!!


Happy, messy faces…

If he only knew how much better the other end was…

Each guest went home with a lollipop drum and drumstick~

And, of course, a lollipop of their choice!

After the guests were gone, the birthday girl couldn’t wait to do this!

Or to get to play with all of her new gifts from her generous friends!




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