There is so much excitement at our house these days as we get ready for the school year to start!  It is all about Back to School!  Here are a couple of easy ideas to make the day more fun.  And, as a disclaimer, no professional bakers were in this kitchen- just a couple of very excited children and their mama!

Like I said, nothing professional here, just a pan of brownies with the best chalkdust around…powdered sugar!  My children love to help make brownies (especially cracking the eggs) and ANYTHING with powdered sugar is a huge hit with them.  Simple things, really… we used cookie cutters for the letters and funneled the sugar into the cutters.  A funnel is also a pretty exciting tool!

As we funneled the powdered sugar into the cookie cutters, we missed a little here and there- but aren’t chalkboards always a little messy?  And there was no “washing the board” on this one!  For me, it was fun to just spend a little more time watching them enjoy their little project- before their days are spent having a ball at school.

You could also use the cookie cutters and cut out letters spelling their names or initials.  I think that will be a lunch box surprise on the first day of school- the first letter of their names.  Brownies don’t always show up in their lunch boxes, and so they will love it!

We are also very excited about their teachers and wanted to do something for them on the first day…

Adorable Hershey Kisses stickers from Lauren McKinsey make this gift so cute!  All you do is download the PDF file, cut out the circles, stick on the the bottom of the Kisses, and package them!  These are always a welcome surprise!

The 3/4 circle cutter is from Hobby Lobby.  I stuck them on with glue dots (from Hobby Lobby).

The great news is that Lauren McKinsey is offering this Kiss file for FREE to fans of The Party Wagon!  How nice!  Click on the link below and you can download for free!  A big thank you to Lauren McKinsey!

And, as a little extra…I am including a book suggestion that I always love.  I used to read this book to my class on the first day of school- it is a great example of being proud of who you are, treating others kindly, and letting what others say not bother you so much.  Several lessons rolled into one book- one of my favorites for the early childhood set!

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  Your children will love all of the books by Kevin Henkes!


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