I love the idea of ending summer with a Watermelon Party!  In the cute little town where we live, a business man planted a garden right in the middle of town.  We have all enjoyed watching it grow, but my children have been especially fascinated by the watermelons growing in the garden.  We stopped to buy one and found out that you pretty much had to take a number.  Everybody wanted a watermelon!  We were able to choose two that were just beginning to grow, and the kids were handed a Sharpie and told to write their names on them!  I love small towns.  And, I love seeing the ideas for serving up watermelon in a farewell to summer party designed by One Sweet Party!  That’s the way to end on a sweet note!

A hollowed watermelon makes a great drink dispenser~

Summery salads and sandwiches were also served…

The cute cupcake wrappers and toppers add just the right watermelon-inspired color!

I love how the cake has a subtle nod to watermelons- with chocolate chip “seeds” on the inside~

One Sweet Party made rolled paper flowers (there is a tutorial link on their website) to add to the fun~

And my favorite…

Watch these sail away…right along with summer~


Thank you for sharing your party, One Sweet Party!  You can find more, including printed paper products, at the following link…


P.S.  I really hope our watermelons make it!

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