It’s almost time for the bell to ring to start a new school year!  Start the new school year off right with a few, easy ideas to brighten the day and add to the excitement!

Chalkboard paint is such a fun and easy way to add creativity to any party.  These drinking glasses can also double as vases with a fun message for the kiddos!

The apples for the centerpiece are on The Pastry Pedestal with alphabet Cheez-Its and a gummy worm in the top.

The paper rounds on the bottom are the letters Aa, Bb, Cc printed on sentence strips and cut in circles.

An easy way to review those numbers and get everyone back in the groove of learning is to add foam numbers to the tops of muffins.  You can recognize numbers, add, subtract, and review place value.

Encourage them to tell you which number is the biggest, smallest…which numbers are missing if you are counting to 10.  What is the biggest number you can make?  And, they transfer to the bathtub when you want and stick to the tub for more math fun!

Keep the learning going at snack time with this easy Back to School Mix…it can be used throughout the year to reinforce the basic skills.

Serve in cute containers and watch them enjoy finding all of the letters, shapes, and colors they can find!


Alphabits Cereal

Cheez- Its- Scrabble Junior Version

M&Ms- colors (and the letter m)

Cheerios- circles

Kix- spheres

Chex- squares

They won’t even realize they are learning/reviewing their letters, shapes, and colors!  They just love to…

Such a fun mix to send in to the class as they learn or to have at home as a snack!  Have fun as you get ready to go back to school…and check back for more Back to School ideas this week!


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