After the first day of school, have a snack waiting that is fit for every Star Student (and they are all Star Students in our eyes, right?)…

The apples cut horizontally always get ooohs and aahhhs when they first see the star that is made by the seeds in the middle.  Remember the star shape is actually the core, and so I recommend eating the part around the star but not the actual star. 

It is so easy to make a batch of star shaped sugar cookies when you roll out the ready-made dough.  I colored these yellow and printed the name on the star using Message in a Cookie Cutter* from Williams-Sonoma.

The star in the glass is an ice cube using the Wilton star shaped silicone tray.  Chalkboard paint on drinking glasses makes the messages you can choose endless!

Add a cute straw~these straws with stars are from Shop Sweet Lulu~ and watch your child twinkle as they snack and tell you about their stellar first day at school!



*A note about the Message in a Cookie Cutter…I recommend these only if you have a lot of time and patience.  There are pre-made messages that are easier to use- and remember to roll the dough thin or you will have very illegible messages.  Maybe I just need to practice, but mine never looked this good…


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