I am so excited to share these adorable playhouses with you!  These playhouses are made to fit over your own card table!  What a clever idea!  Julie, of Miss Pretty PrettyMy First Playhouse, is so kindly offering ONE FREE PLAYHOUSE to one lucky reader!  Your prize is a Basic Bungalow Playhouse in any color combination of your choice!  The prize is worth $120~ read on for all of the details!  And be sure to tell all of your friends about the giveaway!  P.S. Julie’s playhouses were recently featured on the Today Show!  Congrats, Julie!

There are so many fantastic designs in Julie’s shop!  You can also choose to use your prize toward upgrading to one of the other playhouse designs, if you like!  Here are a few of the designs…

The playhouses can also be made larger if you like…

Julie offers more than just playhouses in her shop!  I love these sweet Valentine envelopes.  She also has mail bags and more!  The inside of the playhouses can include a kitchen scene, a fire place, and more.  You can even give your child his or her own pet!

And, I think this clothesline tent is so cute! 

You simply send Julie the measurements of your card table.  She makes the playhouse to fit.  Did I mention that you simply fold to put away when you are finished playing for the day?  Easy storage!  Although, most children don’t want to put it away!  I love finding wonderful imaginative play toys!


1. Stop by My Pretty Pretty and see which playhouse you like best.  Leave a comment here on my blog telling me your favorite! (You won’t be held to that choice if you win, there are so many great ones, your mind may change a few times!)  Click here for My Pretty Pretty’s Shop on Etsy

2. For an extra entry, become a fan on Facebook of My First Playhouse.  Leave a separate comment telling me you did or if you already are.

3.  For another entry, become a fan of The Party Wagon on Facebook.  Leave a separate comment letting me know that you did or already are a fan.

4. You can enter once a day if you like!  Have fun and GOOD LUCK!



Remember…the winner receives one BASIC BUNGALOW PLAYHOUSE in your choice of colors.  The value is $120 and can be used toward upgrading to a different design of your choice, if you prefer.  A card table is not included.  You can use any type of table you like- card tables just fold best for storage.  Playhouse is custom-made to fit your table.

*Facebook is in no way a part of this giveaway and cannot be held liable for any part of this giveaway. 


Also, if you love giveaways, visit www.contestgirl.com for more fun freebies from around the web!


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  1. stacey

    LOVE the Lavender Lane Cottage! My daughter would spend so much time in it! I am a fan of both the Party Wagon and My First Playhouse on facebook. Thank you!

  2. Krystal D

    I love these! I found them a year ago and I've actually been trying to save up to get my daughter the CupCakery one. She loves to play kitchen and I think this one would be perfect! Such a great concept, I just love it.

  3. Mary Hitchings

    I love the princess and the frog!!! My daughter would love this. I am a fan of the party wagon on Facebook and my first playhouse. Thank you!!!

  4. Jessica P.

    I love that Julie's playhouses allow kids to use their imaginations vs. the technology rut of today. If money weren't so tight right now, I would have already purchased one! My favorite is the Double Delight Playhouse. I've liked My First Playhouse for awhile on FB. I liked The Party Wagon on FB this morning. Thanks for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway!

  5. Kristina Rutkoski

    I love love all of these. I have been wanting to affored one since I found her site on etsy just before Chirstmas. My daughter and son would love any of them. I like the one that is pink with princess on it. I could only image my daughters eyes light up as she walks by the princess on th front (as it would be about her same height).

  6. Stephanie S.

    I love them all! But my favs are the cupcakery and the fairy tea party, I also Love the Clothesline Tent!! That's perfect! 🙂

  7. Micaela

    I love the pirate one! My little one is obsessed with Playmobil pirates, and we always check out pirate books from our local library. What a great giveaway!

  8. ItsyBelle

    LOVE this giveaway! I've had my eye on the Cupcakery for about 2 years now! lol…but I also have toyed with the idea of a dwarfs cottage for a Snow White Party! So many wonderful choices!Hope I win!

  9. heather peterson

    LOVE these! Thank you for the introduction! I have to have the cupcakery one! I am now a fan of my first playhouse on FB! I've been a fan of the Party Wagon on FB too! LOVE this!THANKS! – heather @ st. louis!

  10. Diana T.

    OMG, I love these play houses and have been watching them for a while. The hardest thing would be picking one. I might go with the train … but I love them all!

  11. Jenny M.

    They are all pretty awesome, but my girls are obsessed with princesses, so the Princess' Royal Castle Card Table Playhouse would be my favorite!

  12. kerry

    I love the valentine playhouse but my daughter loves the cupcake one and my son likes the outer space one. they are adorable–what a fabulous idea!

  13. Laura Daniel Lathem

    I am already a fan of the Party Wagon on FB. I like all of the designs, what a creative idea. I would love to have one for my 1st grade classroom.

  14. Jennifer wag

    I love them all!!! My absolute favorite is the Under the sea card table. My daughter loves the ocean, and would love this house!!!!I am a fan of My First PlayhouseandI am a fan of The Party Wagon

  15. kerry

    so so cute! I follow you on FB and now i follow the playhouse too. i love her stuff–particularly the details on them–flowers, mailboxes, etc.

  16. Nicole Mills

    Entry #1– I would prob have to go with the All Aboard Train Station since that's what my youngest is into. Thx for the great giveaway!!!!

  17. Shanna Uptergrove

    Shoot, just realized I didn't do my daily entry yesterday- but anyway, here's my daily entry for today! Loving the puppy 🙂 It makes me smile.shanna.u at gmail dot com

  18. Debbie Kennedy

    I love these..i would love the knee high cottage. I became a fan of my first playhouse on fb. I am already a fan of the party wagon.

  19. Elizabeth Velez

    I'm so late for the party…wish I could have been entering daily! I think my nephew would LOVE the pirate ship play house! I just 'liked' the My Pretty Pretty Page on FB and I am of course a long time fan of The Party Wagon on FB. I hope one entry will be enough to win. Thanks for this opportunity! I want to be the auntie that gives to coolest gifts ;)Thanks again,Elizabeth

  20. Sandy

    They are all so adorable and leads the little imagination in so many directions. Noah definitely needs the Police Station, that is where his Daddy goes every day.

  21. Cami Struiksma

    I LOVE ALL the playhouses!! My favorite is the Princess Royal Playhouse. 🙂 Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. My daughter would love this!!

  22. Marlent

    My favorite playhouse has to be the "Pet Shop". Because I'm an animal enthusiast I can appreciate all the details she's added to this very creative themed playhouse. Thank you for sharing this unique idea!!!

  23. Trisha

    I LOVE the The CupCakery Card Table Playhouse, White Scalloped Roof, Brighter Colors, Custom Order, Personalized, 40 removable and replaceable pieces. Looks like WAY too much fun!

  24. Yanet Capo

    I love the pirate house! I wonder if I can use that for my son's Neverland Birthday party for the cake table???I am already a fan of The Party Wagon and just LIKED My First Playhouse on FB.

  25. Cami Struiksma

    I LOVE all of the playhouses!! They have such attention to detail! One of my favorite ones is the pirate playhouse. I have a daughter, but I think that every girl needs a pirate playhouse 🙂

  26. Shanna Uptergrove

    last day!!!! Crossing my fingers for this! I am loving the mailbox- i could write sweet notes to my kids every day and have them check for them!shanna.u at gmail dot com

  27. Elizabeth Velez

    I love these…selfishly I would love the cupcakery but I know my nephew would love the 'Ahoy Matey'. The detail on these are so beautiful! I love his face when I give him anything…I can only imagine his face if he saw this infront of him. Definitely worthy of video.

  28. Jennifer

    My favorite playhouse would have to be the GROCERY STORE! My daughter (2 years old) LOVES going grocery shopping and would think this is the best thing ever! I would love to see her shopping for groceries in her very own grocery store. How fun! 🙂

  29. Cassie

    My favorite playhouse is the ice creamery, my 3 year old is obsessed with ice cream so she would so love it! She would also love the princess one. They are all so adorable!!!

  30. Violet

    Got a shock when Lydia emailed me about winning the prize!! Thanks fo much Lydia!!!!!! :-)Also a special 'BIG THANKS' to Julie who will custom made this special playhouse. It is indeed a labour of love!!!!!!!!!!What a Happy New Year gift this is!! Thanks again :-)Happy New Year everyone and wishing all of you great happiness and peace for 2012 (and beyond)