I am so excited about all of the great ideas Gwynn Wasson sent over for us to enjoy!  Today, she is sharing another fantastic Valentine tutorial!  Remember to drop by to say thanks to Gwynn!  Here is an adorable way to add some SWEET fun to your Valentine Party!

To make this CUTE CANDY HEART TOPIARY, you will need…

one 5 7/8″ styrofoam heart
– one 8″ lollipop stick
– one 4″ styrofoam ball
– one piece of styrofoam (to support the topiary during painting and assembly)
– one cupcake liner (or moss)
– one 18 oz bag of conversation hearts
– ribbon
– hot glue
– spray paint
– small flower pot

1. Insert the lollipop stick into the center of the bottom of the styrofoam heart. Gentle pull the stick out and put a little hot glue in the hole. Re-insert the stick and let the glue harden.

2. Insert the topiary form into a piece of styrofoam and thoroughly spray paint all sides of the topiary form.

3. Once the paint has dried, lay the form on a flat surface and create the design of your outer ring. (I advise figuring out your pattern first before gluing.)

4. Glue each candy of the outer ring into place.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have covered both sides of the topiary with candy. (If you get to middle of the heart, and your candy pattern is not looking as lovely as it does in the outer rings, do not despair. This is why there is a both fanciful AND functional bow in the center of the topiary.)

6. Line the outer edge of the topiary with two single file lines of candies.
7. Take the styrofoam ball and wedge it into the pot (you may need to trim down the sides a little if your pot is very narrow).
8. Glue a cupcake liner (or moss) over the styrofoam to cover it.

9. Insert the topiary stick into the center of the pot.
10. Decorate your topiary by gluing a bow in the center and adding two bows (one facing in either direction) on the stem. To make the ends of the bows look pretty, simply shape them and then add a piece of double-sided tape to the backside of the ribbon and stick it to the pot to hold the ribbon in place.
And there you have it… a Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Topiary!!
Gwynn, what a treat!  Thank you for sharing your crafty side with us!  Be sure to see more of Gwynn’s great ideas and her wonderful shop!  You can find her at Gwynn Wasson Designs!

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