I am convinced that Norene, of Party Pinching, should be a contributor for Family Fun Magazine or, better yet, have her own book in print!  Party Pinching shows you how to make sweets treats from premade products that are easily found at your local grocery store. All of treats featured here are designed around Valentine Conversation Hearts.   Adorable treats that you can make at home and save on bakery costs!  Enjoy these Valentine delights- and leave me a comment letting me know which is your favorite!  I love to hear from you! 

First up, Love Bugs which are Malomars dipped in red candy melts with hearts drawn with edible ink...topped with eyes and a conversation heart that says “Love Bug”!

Oh, and look at these SWEET PEAS!  Use Laffy Taffy to make the pea pod.  Add green gumballs and draw faces with an edible marker.  Put a conversation heart that reads, “Sweet Pea” in the middle!  Party Pinching added adorable fondant bows for the girls…

How about these Tweet Little Guys?  Cake balls inspired by (Pop O. Licious)…make cakeballs and dip in blue candy melts.  Add a “Tweet Me” conversation heart on each side for the wings!

This next one is one of my favorites! Rice Krispies Treats turned into Valentine Envelopes!  Party Pinching cut the treats in half horizontally and topped with fondant (found in the baking section of craft stores).  She used a red edible marker to make the stitching around the envelope and topped with a conversation heart!  How cute!

Puppy Love is a sweet treat~ made with Moon Pies,  Nilla Wafer Face,  Nutter Butter Ears, edible eyes, and a conversation heart that reads, “Puppy Love” for a nose!

“Be Mine” becomes “Bee Mine” with these treats that buzz with fun!  Use Golden Oreos dipped in yellow candy melts.  Add black licorice for the stripes and a “Be Mine” conversation heart for wings!

Simple cookies and cupcakes can also be transformed and party-ready with these helpful ideas from Party Pinching…heart shaped cookies topped with fondant and made to look like conversation hearts with messages written with edible markers.  I love how they are displayed in the candy!

And cupcakes are made sweeter with a candy heart topping!

Wow!  I hope you found inspiration for making Valentine treats for your family or next party!  It wouldn’t be a holiday without ideas from Party Pinching!  Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for sharing, Norene! 

Find more from Norene at Party Pinching!  (You really have to see what she made for the Super Bowl!)

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Thanks for your budget-friendly ideas, Party Pinching!!


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