An Apple Party during autumn just makes the change in seasons all the more fun!  With a crispness to the air, everyone has apples on their minds!  Kristin, of Paige Simple, shares a gorgeous Apple Party set among the apple trees- beautiful inspiration for a birthday, fall fun, or just because it’s apple season!  Enjoy!

I love the idea of greeting the guests with a banner in the trees along the path to the party…

Guests were also greeted by a table full of treats like apple cider and hot donuts…

Each guest received an adorable gable box with lunch before diving in to the tasty sweets…

And, the sweet treats were worth the wait…from apple-shaped cookies to homemade apple pie and apple cupcakes, the guests had their pick of the crop!

Green and red gumballs added to the fun~ guests could string gumball necklaces and take home gumballs as their party favors!

The gingham and polka-dot prints carried over to the customized water bottle labels, too!

And, I love the gingham bags with the cute favor label on it~

Such a sweet day- so beautiful and perfect for an autumn apple-picking kind of day!  Welcome to Fall!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful apple party ideas, Kristin!  The patterns, colors, and designs are charming and beautiful!


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