There are so many creative ways to use treat bags these days. With Halloween coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about fun ways to hand out some sweet surprises! Natalie, of Katarina’s Paperie, is sharing a creative use of orange gift sacks. She is transforming them from the ordinary into Halloween fun!  And, I LOVE the green stem topper!  Also, be sure to see the info. on the giveaway at the bottom of the post!

Natalie says, “…Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it has nothing to do about candy. Even as a kid, I loved all of the fun crafts involved. From stuffing scarecrows to carving pumpkins, Fall always had some of best creative activities to make. One area that I’ve been working on this year is adding some fun details to my treat packaging. You can get such a wide assortment of favor packaging these days, but it’s how you add the personal touch that makes it extra special. I’m always looking for creative ways to use boxes, bags and other treat containers. For Halloween this year, I decided to take a plain orange kraft bag and transform it into a jack o’lantern. Guests are sure to love this adorable favor bag – maybe even more than the treats inside!”.

You Will Need 4 lb orange kraft bags, Exacto Knife,, Pencil Pieces of cellophane (can be cut from a cello bag), Double Sided Tape, Wooden Buttons, Green Glitter, Modge Podge or White Glue, Foam Brush, Medium Clothespins 1. Draw a jack o’lantern face on your orange favor bag. It can be a happy, funny or scary pumpkin. Make whatever kind of pumpkin you think your guests will like. Use your Exacto knife to carefully cut it out. Start with the eyes and move down the pumpkin face. Remove cut out pieces slowly to prevent any tearing. If some of the paper rips, you can use tape to fix it. Erase any excess pencil marks that are on the bag. 2. Cut a piece of cello wrap the same size as the inside of the paper bag. Place double sided tape on the top and bottom edges of the cello wrap. Gently slide into the paper bag and press into place. Add more tape to the sides if desired. 3. To make the stem clips, coat three 1 inch wooden buttons with Modge Podge or white glue. Sprinkle green glitter on the top and bottom of the buttons. Let them completely dry, usually a couple of hours. 4. Glue each button onto the clothespin. Use your green button clip to close the treat bag. Fill your bag with cookies, candies or even a small Halloween gift. You can even fill it with yellow tissue paper and then the surprise to make your jack o’lantern look like its glowing. I hope you enjoyed this Halloween craft and it spices up your treat bags for the big day. Our shop, Katarina’s Paperie, is currently hosting a $50 Fall Giveaway. We would love for you to participate. Check out Natalie’s blog for more details.

Happy Celebrating! 

GUEST POST BY Natalie Stern