There is nothing sweeter than children with their teddy bears!  I love this adorable playdate that Gayle, of I Will Invitations, hosted for her daughter and her daughter’s friends!  You don’t have to wait for a birthday to gather your friends for a fabulously fun day- and this theme lends itself to so many cute ideas.  Let’s head down to the woods and see this honey-sweet get-together…

Bears love honey which always leads them to the bees…aren’t these bee cupcakes so cute?  I love how Gayle incorporated bees into the playdate along with the bears!

Cookie Jars are delightful decked out in yellow with color-coordinated “Tree Twigs” and “Bear Biscuits”~

Chocolate bars~

Bear Paws…too cute!  Gayle made these with mint patties and white chocolate chips~

What’s a picnic without ants?

Gayle used mini picnic baskets to hold small candies~

And, there were lots of Honey Bears!

Such an adorable day with friends!  Look at the cute bear ears that Gayle had for the girls…

And, all of the Teddy Bear Friends stopped playing for a moment to pose~

Pillow Boxes served as favor holders- a cute way to end the day!

Thank you for sharing such a cute idea for a party or a playdate, Gayle!  It looked like a beautiful day the girls will remember!

Summary Of Party Details:

  • ·        Party Created By: Gayle Williams, from I Will Invitations
  • ·        Party Location: Melbourne Australia
  • ·        Vendor Credits:

Invitation and all printable products: I Will Invitations ( )

Baskets: The Little Big Company (

Cupcakes: created with the help of Kylie’s Cakes (

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