These fun juice box monsters will scare up fun at a party or in your child’s lunchbox!  My kids and I made these for my son’s class party, and we made a few extra for lunchboxes, too!  They are so easy and make for instant smiles! 

A few easy supplies… all you need is juice boxes, Duct Tape (aka Duck Tape) in your choice of colors, googly eyes, and scissors!  We used patterned Duct Tape for the mouth and 3 to 4 solid strips to wrap around each juice box.  The lighter colors needed 4 strips to hide the lettering on the juice. 

We left the side with the straw as it was and only wrapped 3 sides for easy straw access!

So EASY and such FUN!  These would also be perfect for a Monster Birthday Party!!  Enjoy!

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