Maybe you have noticed… but Debbie, of Wants and Wishes, is full of fantastic ideas for helping us celebrate Halloween with flair!  This is the third Halloween party that I have featured of Debbie’s, and you can see the other two fabulous parties here and here.  Creep through the haunted house and find fun ideas for celebrating with your children and friends!  My favorites- the Ding Dong Witches and the Haunted House Boxes!

Aren’t these the funniest little treats?  Hostess Ding Dongs with melted green chocolate (the witch) and legs!  Ding, Dong…the witch is dead~

So cute!  And, here are those fantastic haunted house boxes!  They are perfect for party favors or for a surprise treat at the party!  Put different things inside each guest’s box for a fun trip through the haunted houses!

More haunted fun can be found inside these boxes with vampires waiting to eat your candy…

Candy bar bats are sure to scare- and please!  Wants and Wishes has so many cute candy bar wrappers available!

You never know what you will find in a haunted house…but I do know you will find loads of great Halloween party ideas at Wants and Wishes!  Stop by for this Halloween Glam Collection and bring your party to life!

Thank you for sharing so many exciting ways to celebrate Halloween, Debbie!  What a treat!

Party Styling, Paper, Favor Boxes, Cookies, and Ding Dong Treat Toppers- Wants and Wishes

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