If you need a quick idea for a Christmas dessert to take to a party or as a cake for a birthday girl or boy, here is an easy way to spread Christmas cheer!  A simple white cake from your local bakery or market becomes a fancy Christmas cake just by adding candy canes tied with ribbon!

I bought a tiny 4-inch round cake and dressed it up in no time!  Tie ribbons to the bottom of each candy cane and line them around the outside of the cake~

It makes a festive impression without spending a lot of time or money! 

And…because my kids are on a big candy cane kick… I played around with a few other tricks with these fun candy sticks. You may remember our candy cane lollipops that we made…we also made some without sticks.  I thought they might be cute as cupcake toppers! 

First, here is our Rudolph cake and our slightly psychedelic Rudolph toppers- all made from peppermint…

The Rudolph Cake is definitely for the minimalist~ simple, modern…with red candy dotted around the sides!


And, we surrounded them with lights so Rudolph wouldn’t feel self-conscious…

To make the Rudolph Cupcake Toppers, arrange peppermint with two mini candy canes at the top of the peppermint piece on a covered baking sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes or until they are melted and have formed one piece.  Let cool and then decorate with edible markers and red candy noses. For shorter antlers, break off a small amount of the candy canes before melting the candy. Each is unique and cute in its own way!


Thank you to Shannah at Zoomworks for photographing our candy cane fun!

 To see more of our minty madness and candy cane cuteness, go here!  And, let me know if you make any of these designs or create your own!  We always love to hear about it!

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