When Norene, of Party Pinching, starts getting creative in the kitchen, you know you are in for a tasty and adorable treat!  Norene focuses on designing treats for children that are easily made from items at your local grocery.  Norene also likes to find ways to make super cute treats at cute prices, too (enter the “pinching” part of her business name).  I am always delighted to see what she has whipped up, and I think you will be, too! 

This little guy makes me smile every time…

…made from store-bought Rice Krispie Treats for the bed, candy cane bed posts, a Fruit Roll-Up blanket, along with a Jordan almond face and Smarties for the ears!  Visions of sugarplums dance in his head…

Or, how about these fabulous Christmas Drum marshmallow pops? 

These would also be sweet for a “Little Drummer Boy” theme- and they are SO easy to make with marshmallows, Fruit Roll-Ups, silver dragees, and striped straws!


This sled is packed with fun and full of Starburst “gift boxes” and a Life Saver Wreath!

The sled base is 4 wafer cookies with mini candy cane runners on the sides.  Embellish using icing and sprinkles~


Or, top your sled with another adorable little mouse!  How cute!

The Santa Mouse is made from a Lindt Truffle, Jordan Almond head, and Smarties ears.  Norene dipped the truffle in red candy melts and then in red sugar sprinkles.  His hat is the top of an ice cream cone- also dipped in candy melts and red sugar sprinkles.  Top off the hat with a pearl sprinkle ball.  The belt is made from black licorice lace and a yellow Chiclet.  Norene added nonpareil sprinkles to the hat and body by using a toothpick dipped in candy melts.  Love it~


More Lindt truffles make the base of these sparkling ornaments!

Norene used white pearl food coloring mist on a white truffle and decorated with with a red edible marker with swirls. A milk chocolate truffle was dipped into red candy melts and rolled in red sugar sprinkles.  A little fondant snowflake topped it off.  Gold food coloring mist covered a white truffle and dusted with glitter dust.  Use a red edible marker for the stars.  The ornaments are topped with a Mallow Bit that was sprayed with silver food coloring mist. 


Another sweet little idea using the same body, head, and ears…a snowman mouse!

The Lindt truffle was sprayed with silver food coloring mist.  The arms are chinese noodles.  Norene says to be sure you have patience when attaching the ears, head, and arms- they must be held in place to dry.


How sweet is this one…? 

Marshmallow, Jordan Almond, Smarties, Fruit Roll Up and sprinkles in a walnut shell… and hanging from a gumdrop tree!


Three Wise Mice~ part of a Nativity Scene by Norene.  The creativity never stops!

Wow- Party Pinching shares fabulous ideas that we all can do at home with our children or as a surprise for the children!  Thank you for all of the inspiration, Norene! 

Find more fun for every occasion at PARTY PINCHING!

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