Giddy-up and ride on over to the cutest little Cowgirl Party– hosted for three sweet little sisters!  Party mom Laura, of Cupcakes and Lemonade, designed this precious party for her precious daughters and didn’t miss a detail!  With handmade help from Laura’s mom and dad, this party is one the sisters will always remember!

Laura held the party at a beautiful stable and greeted the guests with badges and bandannas to help them feel at home on the range~

Laura designed a “Sweets Saloon” filled to the rim with delicious treats for all of the guests~such as cherry pies in jars, cowgirl cookies and cupcakes, horse-shaped chocolate lollipops and chocolate covered Oreos.  I especially love the three “cakes” for each birthday girl~ they are jumbo ruffled cupcakes displayed on pedestals…

Talent and creativity clearly run in the family!  Laura’s mom made the burlap and ruffles tablecloth- and the bandana table runners and birthday-girl-skirts!  Laura’s dad made 30 wooden hobby horses for the children to paint!

There was a candy apple station with lots of toppings and there was a chance to ride horses like a real cowgirl!

The guests could also shop for cowgirl treasures from the General Store~

I love the family photo from the party and the way Laura strung cowgirl and cowboy hats for decoration.  I also LOVE this adorable photo from the party!  How cute that the girls are letting their hobby horses have a look out of the window!

Precious!  Thank you for sharing your daughters’ party, Laura!  What a fabulous celebration!

Party by Cupcakes and Lemonade 

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