If you follow me on Facebook,  (and if you don’t, you can by clicking here and clicking the “Like” button) you know how much I LOVE the creativity from Kathi at My Sweet Things!  Yummy treats like these pop up all of the time, and I always look forward to seeing what is baking each day…like this gorgeous chocolate ruffle cake!  I really want one for my birthday!

Precious pink puppies…

And the CUTEST selection of Strawberry-themed cookies, cake, and cupcakes…

Aren’t they lovely and cute?  Recently, Kathi saw a post from Cookies and Cups that she loved, and she set out to make a cupcake design of her own for her sweet little niece using the inspiration from Cookies and Cups~  Kathi shares them with us today with a tutorial on how to make them!  With Kathi’s help, you, too, can make some “sweet things” to wow your family, your guests, and yourself!

Isn’t that the cutest cupcake with a party hat?  Here is what you will need…

Baked & frosted cupcakes
• Sugar cones
• Candy melts
• Sprinkles
• Marshmallows or gum drops

Step 1.

Melt candy melts in a microwave-safe dish.  Kathi recommends a glass pie plate as it is perfect for rolling the cones!

Step 2.

Roll sugar cone in melted candy.  You may have to roll 2-3 times for the color to be opaque.  When cone is covered, place on waxed paper.

Step 3.

Add sprinkles to cone while still wet.  Kathi added pink pearls to this one, but she reminds us that the possibilities are endless!  Add a marshmallow or gumdrop to the point on top!

Step 4.

Once sprinkles have been added and cone has dried, place on top of frosted cupcake.  Push down just a bit so that cone will stay in place.  Add dotted or ruffled border around edges for extra stability…

TA-DAA!!  Look how beautiful and FUN these Party Hat Cupcakes are!  I love how tall and festive they are!  They are so cute for birthdays- I can only imagine the faces of the children when they see these party hat cupcakes!

Thank you, Kathi, for sharing how to make these festive party hats!

Be sure to keep up with all of the adorable treats from My Sweet Things on Facebook!  Kathi can coordinate treats to fit your theme or request.  Kathi always adds the most creative borders and little details…not to mention,  the sweets are delicious!!  Do you see those perfect edges on the cookies? Wow!

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