What a lovely and unique way to celebrate a 7th birthday!  Bernice, from Betty Bake Blog in South Africa, shares her gorgeous ideas for hosting and entertaining a group of girls with Asian Flair!  Bernice has fabulous recipes on her blog and loves to cook and bake.  She made all of the treats at the party!

Using white as her color base, Bernice added in touches of red, orange, blue, gold- and pink!  The table was set so that the girls could each have their own pillow to sit on around the table.  Each place setting had a square plate and chopsticks!

Bowls of gorgeous coconut ice and pink and white marshmallows (all homemade by Bernice) were added to the table.  (Be sure to stop by Betty Bake Blog for the recipe!)  I love how dainty and beautiful they are!

Look at the sweet cake Bernice made for her daughter.  It is decorated with jewels from Bernice’s grandmother’s collection, and they were hand-picked by the birthday girl!

What I really love is how Bernice surprised her daughter with a rainbow cake inside the soft, delicate, bejeweled, pink cake!  Her daughter had no idea until the cake was cut! 

Bernice also made fresh sushi for each child.  She says she woke up quite early to make it in time for lunch!  What a healthy alternative- and lovely, too!

For the craft for the party, the girls made head bands with feathers, flowers and jewels.

Other games played were fishing for paper koi fish were they won prizes of little silver rings- which all the girls seemed to love.
(Bernice also had Pass the Parcel ready with little prizes wrapped in Chinese newspaper between each layer but never got around to playing it.)

I LOVE the party favor boxes…Chinese take away boxes with each guest’s name and a chinese lantern drawn on the tag.

Inside the favor boxes were loads of trinkets and exciting little treasures~

What a fantastic way to celebrate!  Thank you for sharing your ideas and your beautiful photos!

Be sure to see all of the recipes and ideas offered at Betty Bake Blog!  She also is known for her gluten-free recipes!

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