Invite children over for an Easter party or playdate and keep them busy with these ideas that you can use to go along with books.  When they arrive at the party, read a classic bunny tale and then let them begin the fun activities by making bunny bookmarks…

Pre-cut rectangles (use pinking shears for an interesting edge), and punch a hole in the top for a ribbon. Using stamps and ink pads, have children make thumbprint bunnies or simply use spring-themed stamps to decorate~

The children love designing their own bookmarks.  If the children are especially young, they will love the stamps.  Remember a smock to cover their clothes and use kid-friendly washable ink pads.

One of my favorite Easter books is by Jan Brett and is called The Easter Egg.  It is truly a wonderful story with a great lesson.  To go along with the Easter egg decorating theme of the book, make colorful eggs using fabric scraps and styrofoam eggs.

This activity is for children a little older~

First, cut fabric scraps- I used pinking shears.

Secondly, attach a paper clip to the top of the egg by pushing the clip into the top.  Add a ribbon to the loop that remains outside of the egg.

Next, using straight pins (older children only and with adult supervision) attach the fabric strip to the top.  Continue with the strips on the top and then attach them all to the bottom, moving them to cover holes.

If you have younger children, use egg-shaped water bottles and make a different version of a colorful egg.

Pour out a little water so that you have room to add glitter and confetti.

Add food coloring of your choice (I would do this ahead of time and let the children choose the bottles that already have colored water).

Let the children pour in glitter and pinches of confetti.  Add a miniature bunny.

Another sweet bunny book is by Kevin Henkes and it is called Little White Rabbit.  This is a fun book for the younger set. 

Have the children act out the pages as you read them and end by hugging themselves and sitting down quietly.

This book is also great for sketching some of the bunny pictures in the book and letting the children make them fluffy by gluing cotton balls on the bunny.  Add grass, too!

MARSHMALLOW is the next book~ it is a classic (and true) story that is great for children that are ready to listen to a longer book. 

After reading the book, make marshmallow bunnies, of course!

The last book is called, Last One In is a Rotten Egg! by Diane deGroat.  This book is great if you would like a more active story. 

And, after reading it, you will want to have an egg hunt!

Put a bunny tail in one egg to be the “Prize Egg”.  The one who finds the prize egg wins a book!

Enjoy!  Please feel free to let us know if you have any Easter games or activities to share!


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Photos by Zoomworks

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