I had so much fun delivering these CUTE sailboats on a Jello ocean to my daughter’s class this morning as they kick-off “Beach Week” at school!  Nicolle, of Libby Lane Press, came up with these adorable summer/beach treats, and she is kindly sharing the tutorial with us today!

I made mine just a little different because I wanted to put each child’s name on the sail.  Nicolle used felt for the sail which gives a crisp and more perfected look to the sailboat.  I used paper triangles that I simply cut from typing paper.  The thinner paper made it easier to push the toothpicks through, and then I wrote the names on each…

 Here is the TUTORIAL on making these delightful little treats- from Nicolle, at Libby Lane Press…

For your supplies, this is what you will need~

-small plastic cocktail cups
-Berry Blue jello
-peeled oranges or clementines
-white felt


Step 1: Follow the instructions on the box to prepare the Jello


Step 2: Using a ladle, spoon the jello into the cups filling about halfway.


Step 3: Put the cups of Jello in the refrigerator to chill for about 30 minutes

Step 4: While the Jello is solidifying, cut a “sail” out of felt

Step 5: Using glue (any type of school glue works just fine) attach felt to toothpick

Step 6: Once the Jello is ready, stick the toothpick with attached “sail” through the orange to create the orange boat then stick into the Jello until the boat balances.

Thank you for sharing this EASY and perfect treat for the summer, Nicolle!

For more great ideas like this, visit Libby Lane Press!


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