A party for twins is always double the fun, and this party serves up sweet fun with twin boys, lots of friends, a creative mom, a dad with the same birthday, and loads of milk and cookies!  Mom Mae, of Mae Armstrong Designs, designed the party stationery, styled the party, and baked the treats!  Mae even made the wreath at the front dooe and a giant cookie pinata!  With all of this excitement rolled into one party, this was a recipe for fabulous celebration!

I love the giant cookie cake made from a Williams-Sonoma cake pan!

The dessert table was loaded with different cookies to enjoy~ along with bags and boxes for the guests to use to take some home with them!

Guests could decorate their own cookies with colorful toppings~ and enjoy cookies and cream cupcakes!

A table setting made easy and stylish with Kraft Paper and stamped placemats~

The pinata was made with pull strings- perfect for the toddler set!  I love the tags on each string!

Here are the cute little Birthday Boys!

What a fantastic party!  Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, Mae!


Party by Mae Armstrong Designs– stop by and see all of the great party ideas from Mae- such as how to make the cookie pinata! 

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