I don’t know about at your house, but at my house my children are flying through the air making perfect landings always scoring enough to win gold…national anthems are being hummed, medals are placed around necks, and everyone loves standing on the middle podium waving to the crowd.  In other words, they are playing “Olympics” and wishing to be the next Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas among countless others.  And so, when Ellie, of Buttons Children’s Parties sent me this fabulous Olympics-inspired party, I loved it and couldn’t wait to share!

Ellie teamed up with Kate, of Kate Griffin Photography, and they dreamed up an Olympic plan!  First, they wanted an open, but tree-lined, outdoor space.  They invited children and moms to join the party and kept the feel natural and full of care-free fun. 

I love they crafty and clever ways the ladies incorporated the Olympic rings without infringing on the Olympic copyright laws…such as the fans so creatively displayed!

And, the candy jars…so smart!

Let the games begin!

Ellie and Kate planned sack races, three legged races, spoon races and other fun-loving games for the mini-olympians!  They also made sure the athletes were warmed-up and ready!

It looks like there might have been a strong man/woman competition, too!

One thing is for sure, there were definitely lots of winners!

And, of course, a podium…

Cheers to all the mini-olympians!  Well done!

And, Cheers to Ellie and Kate!  What a great way to enjoy the Olympics and get children involved in all of the fun!

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!  What a fun party!


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