Stop, Drop, and Roll on over for this adorable Fire Truck Party!  With lots of firemen, a real truck, fire hats, and birthday treats, this party was blazing with FUN for Huntley and his friends!  I love how Stacy, of Journey of Heart, captured the day with gorgeous photos that show the interaction and the excitement of a fabulous way to celebrate a child’s special day!

I love all of the special attention the fire fighters gave Huntley, the birthday boy!

A table was set up outside for the white cake with black dots and the CUTE candy choices- likeTootsie ROLLS and Lemon DROPS…and Twizzler fire hoses!

Look carefully to see the clever names of the candies~

Huntley must have felt pretty excited to be surrounded by so many friends and firemen!

The fire truck and all of the equipment was a blast to get to see!  The kids were able to climb in the truck, see the equipment, try on the hats, and…Huntley and his mom even got to go way up high in the extension ladder!

I LOVE fabulous photography, and Stacy captured this thrill of this party and the happiness of celebrating 3 years!  Thank you for sharing the photographs with us, Stacy!

Party Photographed and Submitted by Journey of Heart Storyography~ Stacy Regan

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