One of the best things about blogging is “meeting” so many other wonderful bloggers!  When I started The Party Wagon, I did it thinking it would be a fun hobby to have.  I love sharing ideas for parties, learning, and for having a good time with your children and grandchildren.  I really had no idea what a large family of friends was waiting on the other side of the screen.  One of these sweet friends is Sandra Garth, of Sweet Sensations/Let Me Entertain You.  Sandra so kindly awarded me with a “One Lovely Blog Award” and part of the award is that I get to share other lovely blogs with you and pass around the “loveliness”!  I am honored that Sandra thought of me and feel very humbled that she did!  Thank you, Sandra!  You are a lovely lady!


Another part of the award is that I am supposed to tell you 11 things about myself.  Hmmm…I must admit, I can be a little shy when it comes to requests like that!  But scroll on for a few things about myself…

First, here are 11 websites that I would love for you to see!  I award these with the One Lovely Blog Award!  Please know that these are not in any sort of order~ and I could add so many more to the list!!

1.  Loralee Lewis– the whole party package rolled into one!  Loralee is my favorite party inspiration.

2.  Lauren McKinsey– this website is relaunching soon and is full of the happiest (and cutest) designs around.  Lauren McKinsey Designs was huge in getting my website going and I am happy to have found her!

3.  Kate Landers Events– Kate is another huge source of inspiration for me, and I love seeing everything she designs!

4.  The Purple Pug– Kristy is very witty and down-to-earth.  She will make you laugh and she will make you some really cute cupcake toppers (and more).  She surrounds herself with glitter; she loves purple; she has a big heart.

5.  Double the Fun Parties– Jennifer is a mom to twin girls and everything she does is double the fun!  Jennifer loves to be creative without breaking the bank and she shows you how to do that, too!  She offers fabulous party plans to help you create a party that is perfect for you and your family!

6.  Piggy Bank Parties– Do (that is her name) is my favorite go-to-girl for favor boxes and for a lot of hamming-it-up puns!  She is extending her line of favor boxes to be more sausage links than we can count- you will love her creative ideas and her funny, charming personality!

7.  Party Pinching– Norene is one of those gals that you think can’t possibly top the last creative idea she had and then she does it again and again and again.  I tell her every time we chat that she will be famous/should have a book/should write for Family Fun/is off-the-charts creative.  You will love that Norene takes simple, affordable, easy-to-find foods and makes the most amazing things that your kids will love!

8.  The Creative Orchard– Renee is one creative mama!  She creates the fabulous parties and graphic designs while chasing two very wee little ones.  I love seeing what comes from the orchard- it is always worth the wait!

9.  Spaceships and Laserbeams– Stephanie’s site is all about BOYS!  No girls allowed here- all party features are for boys, and Stephanie designs great-looking graphics and party printables all in boy themes.  A really great find for celebrating the boys in your life!

10.  Tip Junkie– Laurie is an amazing blogger that keeps you up on everything under the sun!  She gives you great ideas on so many topics!  Laurie is also very supportive of other women and their businesses- she loves to give a boost where ever she can.  Fabulous site!

11.  Lisa Storms-Lisa is pretty much a wealth of creativity!  She takes great photos and has so many ideas for games, crafts, and learning.  I love everything she posts!


And, here are the 11 bits of trivia about me…

1.  I’m a lefty- through and through.  My brain works in typical lefty fashion.  I am pretty sure that my right side is there only for symmetry and balance.

2.  My husband took over cooking dinner because I could live on soup alone.  Well, that and dessert.  My favorite soup is gazpacho.  It works, ladies, only make gazpacho and someone else will decide to make dinner! 🙂

3.  I once swam with sharks (actually paid to swim with sharks) and now wonder what on earth I was thinking. 

4.  I get bored very easily and constantly need a project.

5.  I love, love, love to travel!

6.  I read magazines back to front.  Strangely, so does my husband.  I think it’s a lefty-thing.  But, I never read the last page of a book first to see how it ends.

7.  I love surprises- good ones, anyway.

8.  I think professional photography is under-rated.  It is such a gift to have fabulous photos of your family.  I always recommend hiring a photographer at least once if you can- a forever gift to yourself and your family.  Be sure to be in the photos with your children- even if you think you aren’t “camera-ready”.  Talented friends with cameras are also fantastic if you don’t want to hire a professional!  Take lots of pics!

9.  I really don’t like turtlenecks- they drive me crazy.

10.  Two of my favorite and most helpful quotes…my mom used to always teach me that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  (yikes!)  And…the simplest suggestion that I once heard a father tell his teenage-aged son…”know your audience.”  That really comes in handy when explaining appropriate behaviors to children and why it’s okay to be silly with your friends and more mannerly with adults, among other examples. 

11.  Last year, I joined a tennis team for the first time ever.  One of the best things I have ever done!!  It is great exercise, but even more, great fun and friendships.  Not to mention, my team won our division and we are heading to the state tournament this spring!  Go team!


Thanks for being a reader at The Party Wagon!  I am really grateful for each of you!!  I hope you enjoy some of the websites I listed above- and thank you to Sandra for giving me the opportunity to share!




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