I’m a sucker for pastels, and so I am so excited to show-off this very unique Pastel Halloween Party designed by Kristy of The Purple Pug!  Who would have thought of putting pastels into Halloween?  Kristy, of course!  Add in traditional black and a large dose of glitter, and this fresh-take on Halloween shines like no other!  Enjoy!

These bat cookies are fabulous!  I just love how the unexpected color makes them all the more fun!

Kristy painted mini pumpkins to match the colors~ they were set at each place setting at the table!

Look at the adorable “monsters” on the cupcakes!  Kristy handmade each topper using poms and googly eyes~ along with the occasional bow that she added!  So creative!

And this idea is such a brilliant way to make monsters out of cotton candy!  It’s so easy and SO cute!  Simply add eyes to the clear containers and you have fabulous little monsters!

Amazingly clever~ I can only imagine how much fun the kids had choosing their monster!

Kristy decorated in pastels throughout- including this pastel ghost garland!  I love the old-school ghosts with a fresh color!

And the serving dish was dressed up to match!

And, loaded with ghostly ice cream sundaes! (The kids added their own toppings.)

Kristy had several games for the kids to play, but one of my favorite activities that she did was a “Baby Bat Adoption”!  Oh my goodness, those baby bats are cute hanging upside down waiting on a new home!

I also love how each child was asked to bring a dollar to the “Furry Friend Fund” and the kids donated their funds to the local animal shelter!  

The guests were greeted at the front door by this store-bought decoration that Kristy embellished!  She says she has had it forever and it just needed a little update- recycling what you have is always a great option for party decorations!!

Everyone was invited to dress-up and join in the fun~ don’t you love the handmade invitations that Kristy made?  So cute- with bat ribbons and glitter for a perfect touch!

Enjoying the party with his peeps~  🙂

So Much Fun- So Many Unique Touches- So Adorably Cute!!  I just love this party and all of the creative ideas!  There are EVEN MORE ideas and fabulous photos for you to see- Kristy has lots more to show you!  Stop by and see “the rest of the party”!  I am honored to share this party, Kristy!!  You know how to make things shine!


Concept, styling, photos: The Purple Pug

Glitter Bat Cookie Cuteness: Sweet Moments in Time

Chalkboard Spectac Signage: TiniPosh

Bat Mixed Media Art Amazingness: Monkey See Monkey Do Art Studio

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