When my daughter and I were talking about what she would like to do for her 10th birthday, we talked about all of the things that she loved.  As much as I hate to admit it, one of those things is soda!  She has yet to meet a soda she didn’t love.  She suggested we buy one of those fancy soda machines that mixed them for you and serve those at her party along with hot dogs.  And so, I told her it was a deal~ minus the fancy soda machine~ because we can mix our own and add a little ice cream.  Needless to say, her eyes lit up brighter than those red cherries on top of an ice-cream-soda-float!  

She loves to sit at the old-fashioned counters and order, and so our plan was to re-create that as best we could right at home!  We added our own girly touches and made it fit with the colors of the party.  It was really fun to make our own Soda Shoppe.  {We even met for breakfast at the Soda Shoppe the next morning!} 🙂

I had bar stool covers made for each stool- the covers were made from layers of tulle and white fabric.  Each place had a menu so that the guests would know what was available at the Soda Shoppe!  We also put a large menu on display~ attached to a canvas board and decorated with ribbon…

I used some of Camille’s favorite candy to make a topiary to use in place of flowers.  I wrapped the bottom half in satin ribbon and added tulle bows~ we loved how these turned out!

 We had fabulous straws for everyone to make those soda floats even more fun!

And, every old-fashioned soda shoppe needs a soda jerk or two!  My husband and son agreed to man the shoppe, and they made some really great ice cream soda floats!

We had so many great flavors of sodas and sherbets for the guests to try~ I love the customized labels for the sodas that Loralee Lewis made for the party!

I also asked Loralee to make old-fashioned soda hats for us- she printed the sides and I put them together with tissue paper in the middle.  I loved how these added such a cute and festive touch to the Soda Shoppe!

We dished out hot dogs just like in a real soda shoppe~ except we made them “Fancy Franks” and served them in paper loaf pans with rosettes on the side!

In addition to the counter-top seating, we set up a tall table so that the girls would have enough space to sit comfortably.  I covered the tables in white fabric and used the skirted bar stools around the table…

The favorite combination of the day was lime sherbet with Coke…

For those that would rather not have sodas~ there was ice cream in old-fashioned bowls~

The Birthday Girl in her Soda Shoppe~ before the fun began!

This was such a great little shoppe with the perfect little patrons!  We loved serving up fun in an old-fashioned way~ made fresh with a sherbet color palette and juke box songs being crooned from an iPad.  It was a beautiful day with sweet friends and sweet sodas!

See more photos (such as the cake and all of the other gorgeous sweets) from this party here!  

Check back soon for more photos from the party~ we also had a SPA for the girls to enjoy!  And, it was designed by the birthday girl herself!


MENUS, SIGNS, STRAW FLAGS, SODA SHOPPE HATS, AND ALL OTHER PAPERIE- LORALEE LEWIS  (A big thank you to Loralee and Lee for getting all of these paper pieces designed and delivered- they made a beautiful difference in the party!)



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