Wow!  This magnificent WIZARD OF OZ party was hosted for two darling little girls!  Isadora, of Festinhas de Arromba in Rio de Janeiro, designed this fabulous celebration for her daughter and god-daughter.  I can hardly take-in all of the details- Isadora truly thought of everything and more!  You definitely want to follow THIS yellow brick road!!

Using so many elements from the movie, Isadora incorporated rainbow colors and hearts for the Tin Man in the table decorations~

Of course, Ruby Slippers were a part of this grand party!  I love the fabulous displays that Isadora created!

The desserts were stunning and adorable all at the same time!

Toto in a basket…

Traditional brigadeiros were decorated in the the cutest ways!

The witch just never had a chance!

I love how the cupcakes are turned upside down~

Isadora created two special areas for each Birthday Girl while keeping the theme cohesive~ what a fabulous way to give each child the honor of the birthday while celebrating together!

And, they each had their own cake!

Candy tubes covered with little puppets are adorable!

I’m not even sure what is in those little pots, but I really love the tiny little pots!! And the mini spoon- I bet the kids loved these!!  I bet they got a kick out of these candy bottles, too!

Tables were decorated with rainbow candy jars~

There was also a ruffled, rainbow skirt on the candy table with lyrics from the iconic song.  I told you Isadora thought of everything!

And, just look at the favor bags and baskets!  SO darn cute!

As are the beautiful children!  The true stars of the show!  What a wonderful way to celebrate with dear friends and family!  Isadora also had this photo of the birthday children enlarged and dispalyed on a wall at the party.

Isadora created such a magical day for these girls- I am thrilled to be able to share it with you!

This party blows me away!  🙂  Thank you for sharing it, Isadora!  I love how you celebrated a 4-year-old and 1-year-old together and made it so special for them both!  What a fabulous day!!





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