There is nothing like spying a big bag of GIANT heart-shaped marshmallows when you are a child and your mom is dragging you through Target.   They are pretty-much just calling your name!  And so, my kids and I left the store that day with big, big marshmallows and the accompanying smaller version of heart-shaped mallows.  I must admit, they looked pretty fun…and so, while they were at school during the following week, I made Marshmallow Love Bugs for them.  They love anything with candy eyes and anything on a stick~ and that is where I started.  And, this is what they became…silly little love bugs that never bite back.  I was thrilled to guest post over at Piggy Bank Parties with these sweet little bugaboos!  Be sure to scroll down for a FREE matching Love Bug tag!

To make these funny little bugs, all you need is…

Jumbo Heart Marshmallows

Smaller Heart Marshmallows

Edible Eyes (found at Target and Craft Stores)

Edible Marker

Heart-Shaped Sprinkles


Small Icing Tube

Paper Straws or Lollipop Sticks (optional)

1.  To make, you simply add two eyes to the larger marshmallow heart by attaching the eyes with a dot of icing.  Use the heart shaped sprinkle for the nose and attach it with a dot of icing, also.

2.  Draw on a mouth using an edible marker.

3.  Attach the marshmallow antennae using a toothpick.  I broke one toothpick and used a half for each smaller marshmallow heart.  Push the toothpick into the smaller marshmallow and then attach to the larger marshmallow.

4.  Add a red heart sprinkle to each “antenna”.

5.  Push a paper straw or a lollipop stick into the pointed part of the large marshmallow if you want the bug to be on a stick.  I used a white straw with pink polka dots and tied a bow on it just below the point of the marshmallow.

I love slipping these in their lunchboxes- I know it makes them smile!  I hope you enjoy making and sharing these silly little LOVE BUGS!

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

And, here is a FREE DOWNLOAD for this cute tag from Piggy Bank Parties!  How sweet to make a matching tag- I will be adding it to my kiddos’ lunchboxes this week!  LOVE IT!  Go HERE to get the tag!

Concept and Styling~ The Party Wagon

Photography- Zoomworks Photography

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