The very talented Clair, of Calamity Cakes, recently hosted this adorable Teddy Bear Picnic for her daughter’s 6th birthday!  I love any type of picnic party, and this one is super sweet! Clair’s daughter loves teddies, and so this party theme was easy to decide!  With a topsy-turvy cake and loads of sweet treats~ along with fabulous activities and favors, this was definitely a day of fun for everyone!

The cake that Clair designed, baked, and decorated is so cute!  I love how it incorporates a picnic basket, cake, cookies, a honey pot and a teddy bear!!  Wow!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Here are more details- the cake could have its own post!

Other desserts that Clair made…cupcakes, honey mousse, raspberry Jell-O, trifle, sugar cookies, and candy~

The cupcakes had edible images on top – the images matched the invitations!

The guests had lunch before all of the yummy treats were served.  I love how Clair set the table with white gable boxes on faux grass mats…

Clair had a variety of activities planned for the children~

Watercolor painting using bears, bees, and honey

·      Teddy Bear Treasure hunt

·      Teddy Bear musical statues

·      Face painting

·      Pin the Bee on the Bear

·      Teddy songs played all afternoon

    Such a lovely day!  Thank you for sharing the darling Teddy Picnic with us, Clair!


Photography: Sofi P Photography

Styling, Cake, cupcakes and printables: Calamity Cakes

Edible Images: Little Dance Invitations



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  1. Perfectly Green

    Great article, with superb visuals. It really looks like you had a great day! It's great to see the versatility of artificial grass shown so well here. It really gives that rustic traditional home grown look we all know and love. The beauty of it being you can just roll it up and use it another day! Great work 🙂