Celebrating a baby is always a special occasion, and parents welcoming their first child are always grateful for a baby shower to help them get ready for that first-born child.  But, what to do about the children that are born after the first-born?  Each deserves to be celebrated (as well as the mom-to-be), but a full shower seems out-of-place…and that is where a baby “Sprinkle” comes in!  A Sprinkle is a smaller version of a shower and celebrates a new baby and mom in the perfect way!  Jessica, of Party Pants, shows us a wonderful way to welcome a new addition with a Baby Sprinkle!

Playing off of the idea of a sprinkle of rain, Jessica created the cutest dessert table~ I love her play on words and the way she used rain boots ponchos, and umbrellas to tie it all together!

Jessica was sure to use candy sprinkles every chance she had to keep playing off of the theme…

Adorable in every way!  And, I love that pin wheel backdrop!

A sprinkle is such a great idea for celebrating a mom and baby-on-the-way.  It is a perfect fit for a growing family!  Thank you for sharing, Jessica!


Invitations & Printables by Designs by Nicolina:

Customized Backdrop by Giggle & Grace Designs

Photography by Michael J Larson Photography:

Handmade details & customized party styling by Party Pants


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