My son loves hitting golf balls, and he loves collecting as many tees as he can possibly stuff into his golf bag.  I wanted to come up with an idea for the Valentine’s Day card exchange in his class to go along with things that he likes. Golf was an easy choice~ and I hope this idea will help make your Valentine’s Day card giving lots of fun!  You simply need golf tees, gumballs, and these cute tags from Anders Ruff to make it a perfect way to let friends know that they are TEE-RIFIC!

 These Valentine’s Day goodies are right on par!  They are perfect for a small but unique way of saying, “I’m glad we’re friends!”…

I love using colorful tees to add a little color.  You could also use white tees and colored gumballs if you prefer.  Also, remember to use the smaller gumball size if you are gifting younger children.

These are easy to package!  Using a cellophane bag, add a little bit of paper “grass”…add a tee and a gumball, and top with a cute tag from Anders Ruff Custom Designs!

I used mini clothes pins that I found at Michael’s to add the tag, but you can also punch a hole in the tag and tie it to the bag using ribbon.

If you would like for the gumball/golfball to stay in place, secure it to the tee with a dot of white icing.

Perfect for girls or boys!  Also, if your child’s school has a no candy policy, you can use real golf balls!



Photography by ZoomWorks Studio

TEE-RIFIC Tags by Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Concept and Styling- The Party Wagon

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