I always enjoy seeing a book brought to life for a child’s party!  This set of sisters had a fantastic Princess and the Pea Party designed by their mom and sent to me by Lauren Haddox Designs.  Lauren designed the party paper and mom, Courtney Richards, designed the party!

Courtney collected baby mattresses from friends and had sheets made to fit and match the party.  The bed was set up to set the theme of the party as soon as the girls walked in the door!  Courtney also had a host of breakfast treats waiting for the girls to enjoy~

For breakfast, the girls enjoyed breakfast casserole, pancakes, bacon, eggs, donuts, fruit, pop tarts, cereal bar, and cupcakes and “pea” cake pops.

Courtney had crafts for the girls to make and games to play~ like this one with handmade blindfolds for each child.  Each girl had a turn to try to “pin the pea on the mattress”!

The girls also painted wooden peg dolls to represent their “princess”.  The peg dolls were part of their party favors!

Each girl could select her own “mattresses” to stack so that her princess could have a bed~

And, they put their princess on top for a cute little party favor!

What a cute party!  Thank you for sending the party our way, Lauren!  Here is party mom, Courtney with her two birthday girls!


Party Printables- Lauren Haddox Designs

Party styled by Courtney Richards

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