I am often asked…”can you suggest a unique teacher gift?”  Or, “…what can I do to show teachers that I appreciate them when we have many teachers and the budget is tight?  I often suggest taking in a home-baked treat on a pretty platter and sharing it for the grade level.  This way all of the teachers enjoy the treat, and they know that you are thinking of them!  And, if you want to splurge a little… offer hand-decorated cookies made by you or ordered from a bake shop.   Take a look at these cookies by Sweet Creations by Debbie and imagine how amazed teachers/librarians would be to enjoy these little works of art…

Ordering cookies that are designed around a book- such as the classic and beloved, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein- makes such a statement and is such a fabulous gift!

The cookies could be presented on a platter or wrapped individually if you wanted to hand them out to each teacher.

Another idea is to give the cookies and include the book to the teacher or grade level or school library.  You could give the book in honor of the teachers or grade level.  I bet librarians and media specialists would love to receive this gift, too!

So, you can use this idea in many ways to suit your needs.  A dozen cookies given to the teachers as a grade level or school…individual cookies wrapped in a festive way and given out to each teacher…or give the cookies and the accompanying book.  The book titles are endless that you could choose!  I just happen to LOVE these fabulous cookies by SWEET CREATIONS BY DEBBIE!  Something tells me she would be great at a variety of themes or ideas!

I hope this gives you an unique idea to show those teachers how grateful you are for all of their hard work!  Let me know if you have other ideas that would be great to share!!  I would love to hear about them!

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