This party pops in all kinds of cute ways!  A POP-ART PARTY- inspired by the pop-art masters themselves- is a really fun way to unleash your creative side and celebrate someone special!  Tiffany, of Lookie Boo, designed this fabulous party for her son on his 4th birthday.  It is a fantastic combination of an Art Party and a Rainbow Party all in one-with the most creative spins that make it unlike any other!  I love all of the handmade touches and really fun ideas to incorporate the likes of Andy Warhol right there with the budding imaginations of 4-year-olds!

The table decorations, napkins and plates were an explosion of color and patterns and a perfect complement to all of the serving tables! 

 I love how paint splatters and artists’ palettes were used for the cupcake decorations!

The drinks were fab- with customized water bottles and mason jars with daisy lids!

The wooden utensils were hand-stamped and perfect for the geometric patterns and color-loaded theme!

There were loads of artistic activities for the guests to do- one of Tiffany’s favorites was the handmade, customized coloring book with pictures of Jude.  Guests were invited to color those with crayons labeled for Jude’s birthday party!

Little artists were set free to explore with lots of colors and artistic mediums~

Favor bags echoed the bold geometric patterns that were used throughout the party and were topped with adorable mini palettes!

I just love how bright and happy this party is!  It is a great example of how to use colors and patterns as your guide to a terrific way to host a celebration!  You really can let your imagination run wild and see the most creative ideas come to life!  And, the pop-art-inspired posters lend a great personal touch!  It’s FAB!


Party By Mom Tiffany of Lookie Boo

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Marilyn Warhol Glitz Bow by Candy Girl Creationz


A special thank you to Jude’s Lita for baking the rainbow cupcakes and his Birthday cake!

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