CAUTION~ CUTE PARTY IDEA AHEAD!  Truck it on over to this fun party that’s heavy on equipment AND creativity! Akrivi, of Party Printables by Akrivi, designed this party for her nephew for his first birthday- what a lucky little guy!

I love the cake idea- a bulldozer on top with candy dirt to scoop!

There were so many cute construction references throughout the dessert table and the entire party! How cute are the cookie tools?

After filling their “After Work Snack” boxes, the guests could stop by and re-fuel at the Drink Zone…

The guests each had a hat waiting for them to keep them “safe” in the construction zone!  So cute!

Akrivi made several signs to put in different locations at the party- they made the party feel more like a construction zone!

A bulldozer with wood chips to scoop was a huge hit with the little ones!

Look how great the display tables are! I especially love how Akrivi used a floor plan as the table cover for the main table!  Fabulous idea!

What a fun party~ and what a happy and handsome little birthday boy!  Thank you for sharing these party ideas with us, Akrivi!  It looks fantastic!


Printables and Styling by Akrivi at Party Printables by Akrivi
 Construction Cake by Aimee at My Little Sunshine Cakes.
Tool Gingerbread Cookies by Petite Cookies Melbourne

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