I have been waiting for this day, and it is finally here!  My SWEET friend, Norene, of the fabulous site called Party Pinching, has finally written a book full of her fantastic ideas for Sweet Treats for the Holidays!  I have enjoyed sharing Norene’s amazing creativity with you throughout the years, and each time I would tell her that she really ought to write a book!  I am so thrilled that she did AND that she is offering one for free to one of you!  I am also adding in an AMAZON GIFT CARD!  You can have a step-by-step guide on making adorable treats for your holiday guests this year and get some of your holiday shopping, too!  What a great gift to kick-off this holiday season!
Here are some of the wonderful and cute treats that Norene has made and will share with you in her book!  Scroll down to also to find the recipe to the Sweet Treat that landed Norene a mention on Martha Stewart’s show!  Norene’s creativity will astound you!  And, her book will help you wow your guests throughout the fall holidays. Today I am showing you several of the December treat ideas, but Norene’s book, Sweet Treats for the Holidays includes treat ideas for Halloween through New Year’s Eve.  Take a look…
How cute are these Christmas Tree Rice Krispies?   I love the peppermint tree trunk~
Krispy Kris Kringles are super-cute, too!  I love the fluffy, coconut beards!
Easy Oreo Rudolph cookies…
Hanukkah Treats…
The cutest penguins…perfectly dressed for New Year’s Eve!
And, easy and sweet Bears for all of the polar weather!
Make this adorable cup of cocoa with the recipe that Norene is sharing with us~ this is the treat that caught Martha Stewart’s eye- I can definitely see why!
Approximately ¼ cup of white candy coating
4 mini candy canes
4 large marshmallows
1 (16-oz.) can chocolate frosting
12 Jet-Puffed mallow bits
1 (7-oz.) pouch store-bought white cookie icing
4 store-bought tea cookies
40 small tree sprinkles
4 large tree sprinkles
1. Melt candy coating in small microwave-safe bowl according to package instructions.
2. Cut candy cane at the curve. Dip ends into melted candy coating and push into side of marshmallow. Hold in place until it hardens and is secure.
3. Using a small knife spread a small amount of chocolate frosting on top of marshmallow leaving a small rim. Top with 3 mallow bits.
4. Frost cookie with white icing. Place marshmallow in the middle of cookie.
5. Place 10 small tree sprinkles around the perimeter of cookie.
6. Attach large tree sprinkle to front of marshmallow using candy coating.
Makes 4 cookies.
And so, here is the cover of the wonderful book SWEET TREATS FOR THE HOLIDAYS- you can enter to WIN this book and an Amazon Gift Card below.  Just think, you can buy copies for friends with your gift card!  Or- anything else you love at Amazon!  GOOD LUCK!
****You can find Sweet Treats for the Holidays at Amazon Barnes & Noble
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