Who wouldn’t want to try out their best ninja moves and get to party with your best buddies at the same time? Donna, of Swish Printables, is sharing her birthday party ideas from her son’s recent Ninja Warrior party~ it packs a stealth punch while being easy to duplicate for your own little Warriors…

Donna’s son wanted to have his party at his local gymnastics center which made for the perfect spot to work on those Leaping Tiger Kicks with lots of space (and maybe a dose of organized supervision)! It looks like they loved learning to move like a Ninja 

Because Ninjas don’t have lots of time to snack when they’re on a mission, Donna kept the food simple but awesome!  Cupcakes, a Popcorn Bar, and lots of WATER!!

The party favors are super cool- I love how creative Donna and Auntie Bee’s Bakery were with these cookie medals on a ribbon.  

 I think Donna deserves a medal, too!  Thanks so much for sharing these unique birthday party ideas with us! You can put together an epic ninja party for your own warriors, too!  Donna’s fabulous party paper designs from Swish Printables make it really easy to print and use! No one will even know you had a little help! 🙂  Stealth party help from Swish Printables…


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Cookies by Auntie Bea’s Bakery

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