I always love sharing parties that are based on a children’s book!  These ladybug birthday party ideas are based on the story The Ladybug Girl (and Bumblebee Boy) and were sent to me by Lynda at Storybook Bliss.  Very fitting, right?  Lynda brought the book to life with costumes that depict each character, a large mural backdrop, and lots and lots of ladybugs!  Enjoy!

The children dressed-up as the characters from the story and enjoyed lots of buggy decorations and treats!

I love the cute chairback wrap!

I also love these gorgeous chocolate covered Oreos- how sweet!

Popcorn boxes go from simple to adorable with a little bit of ladybug dazzle added to them~

The favor boxes have the cutest ladybugs on top- it is always fun to have a box that is as exciting as the favor inside of it!

Lynda displayed them on a cupcake tower- a perfect way to put them all together in a pretty way…

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